Below via this webinar series, you will learn, to Move, Adjust and care for your Light Body,  prior to, and when with your Twin, who will be returning soon.

My Webinars are designed to answer so many of your questions and GET YOU TO FEEL AGAIN! They are the Culmination of numerous Sessions and Information from my own Union. So Many ISSUES and Karmic Residue are being addressed in my Webinars with Tips, Guidance, and TOOLS  to help you and your Twin Flame to Come deeper into UNION, and PHYSICAL LIVING TOGETHER!


What I Guide you through is HOW your Full Physical Reunion will be Occurring with the subsequent Webinars offering additional Detailed Ascension Support, leading you into True Resurrection with your Twin Flame and Ascendance to the New Earth & 5th Dimensional Living.


Each carries a Harmonic Frequency for allowing the Highest Light to come into your New Body Template, so that your Love together will enliven and elevate you .  My Webinars have been created for All Twin Flames who have entered into their New Life! Expecting New, Creating it with or without your Twin, and if not yet, still EXPECTING the full Physical manifestation and Reunion with your Beloved. For those who know they have a Beloved Twin that they will soon be meeting, and for those with Divine Counterparts.


Healing together and fully enjoying the New 5D Level of Living.


All Webinars are LGBT friendly

What's New?

Your Angelic Heritage Parts 1 & 2©

In this Webinar I will talk about your Angelic Heritage, the lineage,  Who you and and why you are in this.   The Twin Flames who are Different Types of Angelics now currently here. I will have information about the EASE of the Body and the Color Rays. There will be a Presentation, followed by a Live Q & A Segment (recorded) and concluding with a Meditation intended to align your Cosmic Connections with each other.   


Parts 1 & 2©

 Hello!  Many People are becoming aware of their intense Ascension Symptoms as well as the Mental and Emotional connections.   These Realizations are bringing it to a point that you may now be at, which is to alleviate the Main Core Issues of the Psyche, the Soma, and the Ego-Mind. Another aspect which you will be increasingly aware of is that while you may not feel you have certain Issues, Your Twin Flame may be struggling with issues.   You will no longer be able to separate their issues from yourself as you will entirely feel the effects and usually very physically intense.  Nothing is intended to be hidden, its now Full transparency and Transcendence.  When you participate you will not only get the understandings important to move forward and continue to come together while gradually and eventually living together with each other in FULL HARMONY!

Much will be accomplished during this Two Part Webinar which will include additional Support Material as well as Guided Meditations for full removal.   So whether you consider the core effects which you or your Twin Flame have been coping with through Addictions,  Pain, or feeling it from your Twin Flame,   you will decidedly benefit from this Webinar.   Many people who will be expected to meet again can benefit as 2017 promises to be unprecedented in numbers of People becoming aware, Awakening and Fully understanding through feeling yet sometimes without context.   People who've been aware of being Gifted, Sensitive, Psychic, are about to find out that their Gifts are the Result of WHO THEY ARE and not necessarily a separate thing!

Abundance from 5D to Here for your Union
Parts 1 & 2

This webinar is all about Abundance.... The Primary Focus will be to Help you, to get your own FLOW going, whether you are in your Physical Union, or Expecting to be Living with your Twin Flame.   I cover Practical Earthly  considerations, Money, as it pertains to Twin Flames.  Many Twin Flames have noticed that the Law of Attraction works differently for them.  

  • Self Mastery and Time- Managing and Balancing

  • Supply and Demand from the Heart -how you affect it and how it works

  • Balancing Your Life with Your Twin Flame

  • Getting Rid of Negativity, Doubt and people who dont support you

  • Debts, Forgiveness, Flow and Money

  • Your Expansion which enables you to BE while enabling others either working for you or near your Union

  • Basics of what you need to begin Self Employment


Twin Flame Webinar to assist you in Integrating the New Connections, Push out Old ones and EASE into your PHYSICAL UNION. Especially Post Equinox, to assist you with Divorces of all kinds, not only from Current situations.   This Webinar contains several Attunements to be experienced

IF YOU ARE PLANNING A DIVORCE or breakup,   and to DO THIS AS AMICABLY AS POSSIBLE,   this will Help you!  No Matter what the Divorce Laws are in your Country or what type of breakup!
Universal Divorce & Breakups  includes:
**Alleviation of Dependence upon and Release from UNDER - SYSTEMS/Old Paradigm

**Court Cases - Divorce, Custody, Civil, Criminal


**Children & their Ascensions, Smoke Abuse, & Biological Parents

**ALL Divorces from 3D Earth, Financial and Bed Partners

**Living Entities & Persons  Vs. Non-Light Forms and Old Systems

**Breaking Up for Good from the Old Karmic Ways of Living

**Clearing 3rd Eye -Negativity, Rituals, Hedonism, Trauma

**Body Clearing - Upper and  Lower Chakras

Being Home with Each Other© – Heightened Sexuality, Creating your OWN Activations & Experiences


This Webinar Focuses upon the Removal of Lifetimes of Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Sexual Connections through different Times.  Clearing of your Organs and Subtle bodies will be felt as though you or your Twin Flame may have trouble "Letting Go".  You do not wish to " Let Go"  yet without having the way, you may feel stuck. If you have times where you feel that your 3D is not matching your 5D experiences, feeling that hopeless feeling,  here is where you will turn the corner.

Along with the Content are several  exercises (7) specific to helping you Clear, and Bring in your own LOVE HIGHER Energy, as going forward you may find things challenging.  This brings it back to your own Light Body which will literally REMOVE what is tethering either of you into place.  Each Twin Flame couple's guidance and purpose and direction may be different. As you do so, you will find new Experiences of yourself and the Connection to your own Higher Self, easier than you may have Beleived!"

Divine Life! Thriving in
2 Dimensions©


This is an especially important webinar for those who are about to be in their PHYSICAL union and living together with their Twin. 


The things you will learn in here will serve you for the months to come and see you through several scenarios or situations with family and co-workers, children in the union, and other people around you. 

  1. Clearing, Merging & Expansion of your Cosmic Body

  2. Expansion of your Divinity, Awareness & Connections to all

  3. Clear & Expand  Crown, Throat & Heart Chakras

  4. Gay, Lesbian, Transgender Twin Flames & Purpose

  5. Being & Becoming Angelic Parents & Angelic Children

  6. Sacred Lovemaking what & how it is you will BE

  7. How to Collapse forever ALL Possible, Future & Past Timelines & Relationships

  8. Disposing of Unwanted Situations & Energies



Welcome to My Latest — EXPANSION OF LOVE - ERASING THE PAST. In here you will know what it is to be ALIVE & Begin THRIVING. I address current things for many especially the Masculine Twins. This allows for easy release of much of the Deeper and more difficult items to release between Twin Flames. Having a LOT to do with DAILY LIVING WITH EACH OTHER.


When you wish to have a WAY to easily get rid of things between you two, some of which you could not even define as it is not all Earth Level stuff. It is not Caused by each other , yet will be felt in an amplified manner if not properly disposed of! Receiving Light Codes are a part of every Webinar, especially this one!


Acknowledging the Connection is but a part of it all;   getting along and having it be EASY is the KEY!  It's not just an Emotional Experience, ITS ABOUT TO GET VERY PHYSICAL!


  1. Concluding Universal Things for Good - Karma & Living Situations

  2. Grief, Nostalgia, Despair, Suicide, wanting to LEAVE

  3. Sexual Gratification and the Elevated Experience

  4. Proper Releasing of all other unwanted people & things from YOU

  5. Internal Process & Organs affected

  6. 8  Exercises & One Specific One to Improve YOUR DIRECT CONTACT WITH YOUR OWN HIGHER SELF!

The Sensual Lover©


This Webinar Will be able to assist you in Elevating, Adjusting yours and Your Twin Flame's Energies for comfort and also to be able to Live, work and Thrive while here in 3D. Many of your New Awarenesses are addressed in this, including your Twin Flame Senses, beyond 5. You will find that the following topics are addressed including up to 6 Physical Exercises and the Webinar itself is Meditative.


  1. Your Twin Flame Angelic Senses-Beyond 5!

  2. You Leaving the 3D Earth Plane & maintaining two lives

  3. Divesting your Connections through your Central Nervous system

  4. The Differences you are experiencing with your "Fight or Flight" response

  5. Key Elemental  Senses of Blue Ray Twin Flames

  6. Your Divinity Body

  7. Getting Rid of the Mental Stressors, Addictions to Drama, 3D Sex, Behaviors

  8. The New Way of BEING in the world and not Invested in outward things but invested in each other.

Catching Your Spirit Body- Sealing the Gates of Your Heart©


This Webinar is Particularly Important for those People who have any type of Spiritual Disease or Addiction in their Union.

In this Webinar I cover the Following Topics along with Practical suggestions and 7 Exercises to alleviate and release EASILY your  Detox & Ascension Syptoms.


  1. Removing Disease & Disorder with Love ( Spiritual Diseases & Addictions)

  2. Mental / Emotional Disorders

  3. Being Naked & Transparent with each other

  4. The Role of  Blue Ray Twin Flames in Ascension

  5. Creating & Maintaining your PHYSICAL Life (&  money) even if Together


  7. Release Of Old Kundalini / Karma / Toxins

  8. Spine  & Organ Health / Supplements / Essential Oils

  9. 7 Videos of Simple Exercises to Release, Alleviate & HOLD your Higher Energies



Surrender into Full Union©


Surrender into Your Full Union.  My Webinar is full of primarily the information you will need to finish and conclude in order to be READY for the time period coming which is to bring couples back into full Union.  I cover the following Topics and as always, this Webinar will include Light & Love to elevate you. 


Your Cosmic Sacred Heart with your Twin Flame 

  1. Surrender-The Point is WITHIN

  2. Surrender & Fears-Fear of the "Unnown"

  3. Releasing Karmic Relationships for GOOD

  4. CHILDREN in the Union while letting go

  5. Dismantling Old Structures & Letting go fully

  6. True Abundance-Enabling Yourself & Bridging 

  7. Opening Your Gateway for Abundant Flow from Crown Chakra into Heart

  8. Special Blue Ray Rod & Staff Message about Sex & Celibacy

Entire Rainbow Spectrum of the Rays©


This is the Webinar if you or your Twin have been with other people and you want to stop seeing things from the Past or your Twin to stop seeing everybody but you.

If you have been curious about what color Ray you and your Twin Flame are.


The Special Unions amongst the Blue Ray Twin Flames, called Rod and Staff and the importance of this. How to stop being ANGRY at each other.


  1. In this one I cover the Following Topics:

  2. Being in Love & Your Mission

  3. All About the COLOR RAYS — Colors of your Soul

  4. The Blue Ray "Rod & Staff" Powerful Unions

  5. Clearing Out KARMA from your VISION & Helping your Twin to stop seeing others!

  6. Role of Other Twin Flames (Seraphim, Cherubim & Ophanim)

  7. RELEASE & Extraction of ESCAPISM: ANGER RAGE & DESPAIR — from you, your Twin & Your Union

Divine Lovers / Cosmic Body Reconnection©


When your Communications seem to Break down, experiencing Broken Promises, or putting other people before you and your Union. If your Twin seems that they cannot "SEE" you or the Future with you. Years or  months go by, When you both or your Twin are in a Karmic Marriage/Relationship try this one.  When you want to feel your Union, as a Unit, please try this Webinar.


  1. The Broken Promises — Divine Level Healing

  2. Cosmic Grid is Complete

  3. Receiving and Opening

  4. Focus of UNION not Individuation

  5. Continuing to CONNECT — Yourself & Your Twin & Pulling them — Videos to Assist YOU in moving forward — Lovers Clearing of "Old Homes" High Heart to Soul Star Adjustment & Forgiveness for All Timelines

Universally Free to Fly©


This Webinar talks quite a bit about the EMOTIONAL BODY as its been Connected to the Ego and The Mental Body and how to alleviate your stress.  if you feel as though you or your Twin are too UP IN THE HEAD.  If you are planning or going through a Divorce or your Twin is. If you are a Blue Ray there is special Information. 


  1. Universal Causal-Soul Body & Ego Breaking away

  2. Mental Emotional Ego Breakup

  3. Stress & Your 2 Bodies ( Human & Angelic)

  4. Divorce & Dismantling — Spiritual & Financial

  5. Cosmic Body — adjustments and alleviations

  6. Karma Clearing — ( marriages, relationships especially)

  7. Positions on Video to assist you: Early Morning Primer

  • Lover's High Heart Clearing

  • Interpersonal Clearing Universal Karma

  • Clear the Emotional Body

  • Blue Ray & Golden Ray Elevating

  • Diamond Love Bubble 

Harvesting your Love©


If you are experiencing changes in your Sexual areas, desire, romance this is the one to get. If you are perceiving Time in different ways. If you want to easily navigate all upcoming Energies, & Portals.


  1. Sacred Sexual burning off OLD connections

  2. Releasing old 3D Relations & SEX

  3. True Heart Communication & Clearing to do it

  4. Gridwork, Portals, Solstices, cosmic Energies

  5. Flying Together & Elevating 

  6. Exercises to easily RELEASE the old connections for you AND your Twin Flame

  7. Special information for Blue Rays!




If you have been suffering various body inflammations, Digestive or Metabolic inbalances that you feel are Ascension symptoms this is the Webinar for you.

The VERY NEW PART of you and your Twin Flame is going to be connecting to you deeply. My Webinar is intended to assist you in Release of Old Mental-Emotional Body "issues" — from You and your Twin Flame.

I have Two Videos of Positions to Prime your NEW inner Chakras & the Connecting Channels.


  1. A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Away — your DORMANT Connections Are ALIVE!

  2. Your INDIVIDUAL HIGH SPIRIT BODY (5th Subtle Body — Replaces the Ego-Psyche

  3. The Sweetness! — Blood & Sugar — Spleen, Blood, Lymph, Bone Marrow, Respiration

  4. There's a Fungus among Us! — Inflammations, & Chronic Conditions

  5. Portals, Cycles & Galactic Elevation — Getting Higher for Re-Union

  6. FINANCES — New Connections to your Higher Self, Timelines & Etheric Compensation

  7. Basic Maintenance — at ANY Level of Physical Living

  8. Special information for Blue Rays!

The Return of your Life — Daily Living in Multidimensionality©


If you are struggling with sleepless nights, strange energies, even weirder relationships, this is the Webinar for you. This one will instruct how to do simple daily clearing for having Peace and Harmony in your Body, house and Union. Especially good if you have Children, or your Twin does.


In this Webinar I will cover several subjects that are very pertinent for those people who have either met their Twin Flame in the Etheric or the Physical


Topics include:

  1. Before & After Awakening

  2. Pain & Health Concerns -Emotional Pain

  3. The Males in Union

  4. Reproductive Parts of Men & Women

  5. Lower Chakras & Old Soul Groups

  6. The Polarity Shift

  7. The Children of the Future


There is also suggestion for body adjustment, which includes 3 Videos along with Nutritional support suggestions. 

The NEW Angelic Light Body in Transition!©


ASCENSION SYMPTOMS, especially INTERNAL ONES, and physical Issues — In This Webinar I cover many aspects of your Brand New Light Body, as well as 5 Videos to demonstration ways to get clear, & get the Love in! This is for people who may not physically be with their Twin Flame yet, as well as Couples. Hetero,& LGBT Twin Flames. I also include suggestions for nutritional support.


I cover the following topics:

  1. The NEW Relating vs. The Primeval

  2. Out of the Etheric Realm & into the Physical

  3. Going back UP the way you “Downgraded”

  4. The Human Angelic you have been

  5. The NEW ANGELIC you ARE

  6. Adjustments to the Endocrine System & Metabolism

  7. Clearing your Love Bubble & How to Internal Heart Communication

  8. Building the Internal Anchor & Bridge

  9. Support for your Body plus 5 Demonstrating Videos!

  10. You will feel very supported and there is SPECIFIC information especially for BLUE RAY, RED & GOLDEN RAY OF THE GOLDEN SUN TWIN FLAME


The Human Body While in Transition©


If you are having ASCENSION SYMPTOMS, whether mild or Intense, this is the Webinar for you.


Everything about the Body during transition is being discussed in this year's series of Webinars. Every Webinar This year has Codes of Love & Light that go beyond the mental information given. This Webinar will speak about the following topics:

  1. The Human Body & Human-Angelic In Transit

  2. The Light Body

  3. The Heart & High Heart Connections

  4. The Senses, Eyes & Vision

  5. The Respiratory & Circulatory Systems 


A Time of Miracles & Dreams Come True©
I had so much material I split it into two parts and priced it accordingly. Each is about an hour.


I cover so many things that have been troubling people about their Union:


The First Parts of Conclusion of Karma


Part 1


  1. Your New 5 Body System (Subtle Bodies) & Emotional Release

  2. HOW to Clear & Heal "old" 3D Sexual Damage (from SoulMates/False Twins)

  3. Connecting with your Beloved & Higher State of Being

  4. How to Stay in Union & Tuck in your Sexual Energies (for BOTH of you)





Part 2  Includes:

  1. If you feel like you are losing your mind — What's Happening to your Mental-Emotional Body & Psyche (& your Beloved's)

  2. Managing your Emotional State while Transitioning

  3. HOW to Divide your Day to Support your Union

  4. Staying in Union & The effect of Soul Mates


 Jumping into your New Lives, New Timelines©


  1. Time, New timelines, Quantum Time

  2. Creating New Abundance with Love

  3. Sacred Sexual Union Vs. 3D Sex

  4. Importance of Gay & Lesbian Twin Flames

  5. Healing and the New Grid

  6. Our New Light Bodies & Chakras

  7. The Divine Masculine Sweetness

  8. Three Positions Using your Sacred Sexual

August Ablaze, Spectrum of Sacred Sexuality©


This is the Second Webinar, Second in a Series of Webinars to enable your Joint Mastery with your One True Beloved.


This Webinar has been created to assist you in gaining Mastery of your Sacred Sexual Energies which you inherently possess, and which will bring an acceleration of your ability to hold your True Beloved within. I go over the shift in your Sex Life, from a 3D broad based Human manner where one size can fit all, to your 5D Sacred Union and specific Preparation for being with your Twin Flame. This Webinar also confirms that there ARE Gay Lesbian and Transgender Twin Flames.


  1. Old sex Vs. Sacred Sexual

  2. Great Rite history & Now

  3. Sexual Dynamics

  4. Sacred Sexual Energy Dynamics

  5. Gay, Lesbian Angelic Twin Flames

  6. Shift of Old 3D into 5D Sacred Union

  7. Divine Feminine & Masculine in their Magnetic & Electric Aspects

  8. 5 Prime Positions for Sacred Sexual Union

New Beginnings — How the Runner will Return!©


In this Introductory Webinar, is an Introduction of who Twin Flames are. The First of a Series of Webinars, is now available for purchase to assist you in deepening your Twin Flame Union. Begin to FEEL yourself as a 5th D. Being!


This Webinar was created and is the result of two years of intense guidance, and adjusting, to enable many people to truly feel their BODY guiding them even at times when clarity may not come, and due to the very physical nature of everybody's Ascent, we are giving some real ways of making it easier to feel what to do.


This webinar is intended to assist you in Prime Physical Positions for Breathing and to further deepen your Merge, & patterns to further open and expand your Channels and Brand New Chakras. EVEN if you have Met!


  1. How the "Runner" (Elusive) Twin will Return

  2. The Reasons WHY Twins cannot connect

  3. New Body + Metaphysical Body

  4. Prime Positions for Opening/Expanding Channels & Connections

  5. For Intimacy/Merging and Your Sacred Sexual Union with Beloved

  6. Written format of Positions