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12/17 Emma...USA  Beautiful Patricia, thank you so much for all your work it has been very valuable for me during my Unification process.  So much Love!


11/17 Michelle...Canada   Patricia is so in touch...I have searched out other TF providers of information and Patricia is the most informed yet.... There are others who claim to be TF guides but nope they are redundant... repetitive and lame... Patricia McNeilly is True Blue....Thank you Momma Bear!!!


9/17 Svetlana (USA)...Patricia is Powerful (meaning passionately), inspirational and uplifting yet easily comprehended and empathetic. This blue ray angel is an expanding and soothing individual and a collective consciousness of twin flame family. Blessings are showering upon us. Let's take the clothes off and suck it all in!


9/17 Jodie (Australia)...I AM truly blessed to have recently connected with Patricia. Her messages are divine, empowering & resonate deep within the soul. Patricia is an angelic force of nature, the real McCoy. I feel totally safe in her presence. Thank you so very much for your guidance with my twin flame journey. Thank you for being. Eternally grateful.


9/17 Tony (Australia)...Patricia's knowledge of the cosmic matrix is what makes her exceptional. She is always 'on point' when it comes to the energies affecting us all.


9/17 Maureen (USA)... If you have found Patricia I am here to assure you it is your heart that led the way. If you are considering having a session, of any kind, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Patricia. When I found Patricia I was frightened, sad and confused but after listening to just one YouTube video something shifted inside of me. I knew she had her finger on the pulse of the Twin Flame journey like no other. Patricia has a truly sacred gift. Our session was extremely helpful, powerful and empowering as she included support material to further assist me and my twin. I was "on the edge" and Patricia offered a loving, supportive hand and gently pulled me back to solid ground. I feel as though I was "divinely recalibrated". It was so liberating to be completely open and honest. She gave me new hope and a peaceful joy came back into my heart and body. Patricia validated my experience and tuned in to my Beloved with a "bulls eye" accuracy that confirmed my intuition and was tremendously comforting. I felt an immediate connection to Patricia and will trust only her guidance on this profound journey home to sacred reunion with my Beloved Twin Flame. All that... and Patricia is funny too!!

8/17 Amisha (USA)...I have had a few negative experiences either listening to or having sessions with others who teach about twin flames. They were fear-based; I got physically sick after connecting with them. They caused me to value your own extremely compassionate, healing, and supportive take on business and teaching even more!


7/17 Elizabeth (USA)...Patricia is a safe, very supportive, straight-forward, connected, grounded, warm, and caring teacher and guide for twin flames. She is spot-on accurate in her public YouTube videos as well as her private sessions and webinars about what twins are experiencing due to the world-wide energies as well as within our own individual unions. Being a twin flame who is awake and doing the work can be very very very hard at times and Patricia has been there for me with clear insights and guidance, and tremendous support in our private sessions. She is a very generous person of integrity and I trust her on what is to me the most important and sacred journey I have ever undertaken. I am deeply grateful to you, Patricia, and thank you with love and appreciation!


6/17 Bella (Australia)...I found Patricia by "accident" when I was lost and confused in my connection with my Beloved a few years ago and she was and still is a beacon of light and hope. Patricia has a naturally strong, grounded honest energy, a born teacher and a delightfully witty sense of humor, I felt connected to her from our first Skype session. When I look back Patricia's predictions about my Twin were all spot on as she confirmed my own intuition about the situation. Even as her work has grown and expanded over the years she always made time to help me and fit me in for a chat. All the extra guidance and support she has given has kept me steadily on my path towards union physically and the expansion of developing my own metaphysical gifts. Thank you Patricia for being part of my journey home.


6/17 Penelope (Australia).....Patricia is a treasure of grounded Love. I am safe with her because she sees and feels me with her Heart, rare in this world of Mind. She is grounded and 'just herself'. As a Twin Flame, she knows the joy, pain and pitfalls of every Twins purifying Journey Home to who they are, Divine Love, through their physical Sacred Union with their Beloved Twin. Patricia is a crucial bridge for me between 3D and 5D and beyond in the paradox of realities that is this Journey. Thanks to her I now know that I and my Beloved's conditioned Minds and wounded selves grounded in our physical bodies ensure the purifying path of our Hearts Joy and Soul will. We hold and enable the return of our Cosmic forces to transform us into our Universal purpose. In my first session with Patricia over a year ago, she restored my Love and open Heart for my Beloved, myself and our Journey of 16 years by confirming all my inner knowing of Us. She clarified the invisible process and Purpose of our Love that only appeared dysfunctional and hopeless with never-ending separations of searing pain and reunions of nourishing Love and Joy. Since then her wealth of rich material has been my focus and education, explaining and enabling the Divine Truth of our process and Purpose. Patricia's endearing humour and creative doll dioramas in her videos, complete with witty songs, lighten me by mirroring my situation and feelings. I'm honored to express my respect, deep gratitude and sincere Love for Patricia. She walks our same Path and Purpose but also provides ceaseless new material that dissolves the Veil of my forgetting and this reality, to know again in awe our Supreme Purpose as Twin Flames. Every Soul and Realm in this Universe is supporting and depending on all Twin Flames. Our Union and Ascension Home is also the healing and lifting into Love of all Souls and levels of this Universe....is there any Purpose greater or more beautiful than that?

6/17 M&D (Arizona,USA)

Huge gratitude from us both for yesterday and your time. It was a pleasure working with you also and no doubt we'll connect in the future. I think I can speak for myself and my Twin but the energy that was about before, during and after our chat was huge and we're still processing all the valuable information you gave us for our journey ahead together. Being a naturally cautious couple we are very careful who we work with as there's so much distorted information from less evolved souls on the web and we've followed your work for a few years now and your information always resonates with us and always feels authentic. That's something you just can't fake. Thank you again for your wisdom.


6/17 Katy (USA).....I was fortunate enough to find Patricia on YouTube. I thought to myself, what am I doing clicking on this? But for some reason I felt compelled and guided to watch. I am so grateful that I did. Patricia is hands-down one of the best resources for understanding subtle body energetics. I struggled for years to understand what the heck was going on, why I was feeling or experiencing certain things that no book, no matter how obscure or esoteric, or guru, no matter how wise or miraculous, seemed to have an answer for. These older traditions, though powerful, do not account for the present evolution and shifts that are occurring, so they can even hinder one's progress by anchoring someone in the past. Patricia is ON IT and completely present with the current energetic climate. Furthermore, her information is channeled with such authenticity that one's energy is cleared, aligned and refined just by watching her channel and webinars. Patricia guides without enabling and is an outstanding and empowering teacher. I have advanced leaps and bounds from her work and know so many will benefit from this material. So much love and gratitude to you!

6/17 Anna (USA)....By the time I found Patricia, I had been 2 years deep in experiencing Twin Flame synchronicities and unexplainable spiritual phenomena pertaining to this Union of Twin Souls. I had never had experiences like these before. After one night of strong intuitive impulses I was drawn to Patricia's YouTube channel and voraciously watched all of her videos. Each video was uncanny in how it felt as if she knew my situation exactly and that I was not just imagining things. Video after video, Patricia explained Twin Flame experiences that I had not told anyone and gave poignant advice for what to expect of things I have not yet experienced. I knew at that point - I was Divinely guided to her. Since then, I've purchased just about all of the webinar and, when the intuitive impulse hits me, I revisit any particular webinar that I'm lead to which seems to always address my ever evolving needs. I have found them to be invaluable as I process my fears and uncertainties. Revisiting the webinars offer much hope and reassurance on this path to my True Love. Enough can't be said about Patricia as a person, I am often in awe of her giving-ness, saintly patience and kindness. Many times, I don't know how she does it. It's not easy being on the front lines and at the behest of so many who are awakening at this time. I am so grateful for her sacrifice of time and her labor of love. It is helping me and I'm sure countless others through this very intense, but thrilling phenomenon at this time. - Immensely Grateful

6/17 Michele (Canada).....Over the past few years I have had the guidance, support and love from Patricia who has empowered the deepest aspects of the twin flame journey to light. I would not have grown, purged, and understood how this crazy process works and continues too. I have had some wild experiences that could not be explained from anyone else who would understand but Patricia. She has given her time, unconditional love and encouragement through my biggest breakthroughs. I am deeply grateful for Patricia, she has the newest and latest information about the body and the how too's. You are a guiding light and I continue to be amazed at your knowledge and accuracy with everything that is happening currently.

6/17  Ana (USA)..... Patricia, You were one of the first persons I sought out at the beginning of my TF journey. Since then, I have listened to and worked with others as well. But as this journey takes it's course, I have used my discernment in terms of who I seek guidance from...needless to say, you are one of the very, very few that I resonate with and trust. Thank you for all your hard work and true loving dedication to the TF community. This is not an easy path and you sure do make it more understandable.


6/17 Ellen (USA)....Patricia, This twin flame stuff is not for the faint of heart! Somehow I found you on YouTube and that's when my understanding of what was happening to me began to make sense, and helped me (and continue to help me) not feel so alone. Your one-on-one sessions as well as your Blue Infusion Groups have helped relieve my confusion, frustration and worry as this all unfolds. Thank you for your gentle loving kindness and sharing your information with us so completely. You are a life (and love) saver!!!

6/17 Maura (USA).....Patricia, I want to thank you for your webinars and sessions as they have been extremely helpful and supportive. It is also helpful as the journey is so much joy and bliss but when in separation can cause pain but one we have to get through to become in union. I thank you for your guidance, kindness, and the exercises to connect with our twin have been helpful.

6/17 Fernanda (Brazil).....Surely Patricia was crucial in my understanding and surrendering for this journey. If it was not for her kindness and good mood, I would have gave up or I would be suffering more than I do with my ego.

6/17 Michelle (Canada).....Patricia, your guidance is a gem amidst the coal. Trust in what your heart tells you it's all about feeling. Patricia's guidance about the body is beyond this realm and I know this because I have learned this as well. If you are committed to the Way of the twinflame journey leads then follow, but take heed it's not for the flighty or weak of heart. This is for the strong and the committed. There is no other than your twin and the words I love you mean more than life itself. Do not doubt your twin a day, do not doubt the truth that Patricia shares with you. She holds the key to unlocking your development in this crazy ride. Thank you Patricia you have helped me a lot and for this I am grateful. 

5/17 Wendy (Canada).....You are such a beautiful person Patricia. I watch your videos faithfully (never missed one) and always enjoy listening to what you have to say. Thank you for coming here and dedicating yourself like you have.  You are beacon of light and hope to so many people. Please know that so many ppl love you and you have helped so many keep centred and on their path.  You have been being the lighthouse for your twin and so many others for so long!  I cannot thank you enough.


 5/17  Sofia.....Patricia, I would like to thank you for your work, it has been so supportive to me on this journey. I really enjoyed yesterday's webinar, it is something I have been searching for to connect with other people on this journey & I found that a lot of my concerns were answered during the webinar.  


3/17  Katherine & Ray (USA)....Patricia, I wanted to thank you for being such a positive influence in my life. You are doing amazing work and we are grateful. The exercises you have channeled have helped get the energy moving. We are always excited for your amazing webinars and YouTube videos.

3/17 Polna (Slovenia).....Dear Patricia, thank you for the material you have sent me. While listening to our recorded talk, I got a totally new perspective on the situation. It was truly an honor to speak with you and I thank you for all the work you are doing.

3/17 Michelle (USA).....I appreciate your integrity. I find the previous webinars have all been so full of information. Your knowledge of the bodies is very precise, your language intellectual and your optimism and enthusiasm are truly vital for the journey of the twins.