Just talk to someone. A Reading of the Heart not the Head.

"Never lose Hope, my Heart, Miracles dwell in the Invisible..."  ~ Rumi

Every service is unique and is Specific to your Sacred Union with your Beloved.

Twin Flame Cosmic Heart Reconnection Seisson   $200

For Twin Flames and Divine Counterparts!

I do a Reading of the Heart and We will speak about your First Awareness of your Journey Home.  We begin by having you simply talk with me, what you know from inside your Heart- especially if you are struggling to FEEL YOUR LOVER, even when you know they have not gone away!! DURING THIS PROCESS IS WHEN YOU RECEIVE.  You then allow the NEXT 3 Days for the Proper Reconnection to your own Cosmic Sacred Heart.  This will be on your Cosmic Bodies ( Outer Cosmic, Inner and the Deep inside Reconnection). Along with this will be the necessity to bring in your own energies for which you will receive Instruction and tools.  You begin to feel as clear again as when you first Awakened to the TRUTH, Open Heartedly and welcoming of a NEW LEVEL of Calm, Excitement and clarity about your own Journey. NEW again with the Gentle, Enveloping, Warm, Homey & Passionate FEELING of LOVE. So, helps to elevate YOU continue Home to Love which further opens your Heart, your High Heart connections and Your Divinity.  

Getting YOU back into Center of your Union!

The Session is for Single Twin Flames or Couples- an investment in you and a Commitment to your Union! May Run up to 1.0 hour 15 minutes and also gives much information. You will be Guided what to do in the days after you RECEIVE. This is as UNIQUE as You are and WILL be connected onto YOUR BRIDGE to the 5th by Higher Source Love & Enable a new Level of Clarity and of Comfort.

Via SKYPE, Phone or Hangouts.  Please complete contact form also! Response within 24-48 hours We Schedule and Confirm usually within week of purchase. LGBT friendly 


Session Fee $200

Twin Flame Spirit Chat     $100

Twin Flame Spirit Chat! If you simply have questions, inquiring and a general Reading.  If we've spoken already, we can follow up through a Spirit Chat-ANYTIME. Each Time Together starts as a Conversation. It is One Hour and will be specific to the inquiries of the Twin Flame. Any subject can be the focus of the Spirit Chat, and will be able to get specific guided information towards YOUR solutions. I do use my Gift to "tune in" to the Heart of your Counterpart (Masculine or Feminine). There are many confirmations which will come forward during the Spirit Chat. Our Cosmic-Heart talk will give you very good Clarity to enable the YOU to make decisions about what is currently happening.

Please note, there is NO Energy work done during the Spirit Chat. The Fee is $100.00 (USA)  LGBT Friendly


The Fee is $100.00 (USA)    


*Please fill out Contact form also to coordinate!

If someone is telling you something that does not resonate with your Heart, they may not be CONNECTED to SOURCE to READ your UNION. Many Cannot READ into the NEW unless they have stepped up and CONNECTED. 

LGBT friendly

We Schedule and Confirm usually within week of purchase. I will do my best to acommodate your Schedule. and Time Zone