Just talk to someone. A Session for your High Heart.

"Never lose Hope, my Heart, Miracles dwell in the Invisible..."  ~ Rumi

Beyond Psychic! Every service is unique and is Specific to your Sacred Union with your Beloved.

Twin Flame Cosmic Heart Reconnection    Session   $225 USD




  This Session is a NEW WAY of Cutting through the Karmic Level of the Cosmos and Getting YOU back into Center of your Union!  Allowing the Removal of Your LOVE from being placed in other Relationships and bringing it to YOU.  We begin by having you simply talk with me, what you know from inside your Heart — especially if you are struggling to FEEL YOUR LOVER, even when you know they have not gone away!! DURING THIS PROCESS IS WHEN YOU RECEIVE, and it may continue over the next few days after the Session — you begin to feel as clear again as when you first Awakened to the TRUTH, Open Heartedly and welcoming of a new level of Calm, Excitement and clarity about your own Journey. It is the WAY of the BELOVED to bring UP and have all things made NEW again with the Passion of Love, the Gentle, Enveloping, Warm, Homey & Passionate FEELING of LOVE. helps to elevate YOU continue Home to Love which further opens your Heart, your High Heart connections and Your Divinity. I Read the Sacred Heart  A COSMIC HEART RECONNECTION & MULTIDIMENSIONAL READING OF YOUR FIELDS — Your Human side & "High Angelic sides!" This is for both you and your Twin Flame which I have a Gift to read them, their energies and what's currently going on, and RECONNECTING YOU & YOUR LOVE TO YOUR COSMIC HEART! what may also come through is:

  • The Simple Base Fears, About your Beloved Twin Flame

  • The Color Rays & Angelic Origins that you are holders of

  • Points of Origin -Planetary (Cosmic) & Angelic

  • Reconnection & Your Connection to the New Earth in 5D. Future Endeavors with your Beloved as you will be revealing them


The Session is for Single Twin Flames or Couples- an investment in you and a Commitment to your Union! May Run Slightly over 1 hour and the guidance and information you are seeking. You will be Guided what to do in the days after you RECEIVE. This is as UNIQUE as You are and WILL be connected onto YOUR BRIDGE to the 5th by Higher Source Love & a higher perspective. Enable a new Level of Clarity and of Comfort. Via SKYPE, Zoom, Phone or Hangouts.  Please complete contact form also! Response within 24–48 hours. LGBT friendly.

*Causal Body Session TM - Subtle Body Opening & Alignment   $180 USD
Creating your Love Life and Feelings! Learning by Being who you truly are, peeling the old persona away. Feeling Each Other, especially across the miles, yet even up close and in person, this is a vital Subtle Body to get you into your New Life, Abundance.  I am your Guide.  Each session is Uniquely Guided and will be the connections inherent to YOU.  
Your CAUSAL BODY is Your FIRST Subtle Body to help create your LOVEThis session will Open your Causal Body for Manifestation and Abundance as well as Higher Love 
This session is 1 hour and offers time for Opening Channels and questions you may have. Please complete contact finformation.  I record your Session via Zoom I set it up. Phone or skype available.


I do my best to accommodate your schedule wherever you may live on this planet! Evenings and weekends are possible to arrange as well.
                                              NO WAITING LIST!

LGBT Friendly

Twin Flame Spirit Chat   
Session    $120 USD
DREAM INTERPRETATION? Abundance?  Relationship Coaching? Divorce situation? Break Up? DO YOU NEED A FOLLOW UP? 
Many people find that there's nobody around to speak with about multiple things happening to them- its about talking to someone who understands. This Session is informative yet conversational.  Do not be afraid of what you may hear, do not hesitate! It is a 1 hour session and will be specific to the inquiries of the Twin Flame. Any subject can be the focus of the Spirit Chat, and will be able to get specific guided information towards YOUR solutions.There are many confirmations which will come forward during the Spirit Chat.  I may ask if you wish to shift your energies or suggest a schedule of a full Causal Body or Psyche Session.
 MISSION? We can also do this! Please fill out the contact form as well. Sessions are done via Skype, Zoom, Phone or Hangouts.
LGBT Friendly
I will work to accomodate your Time Zone even if you live far away- Evenings or Early Morning Available By Appointment Especially for Australia, India,  Asia

If someone is telling you something that does not resonate with your Heart, they may not be CONNECTED to SOURCE to READ your UNION. Many Cannot READ into the NEW unless they themselves have stepped up and CONNECTED. 

  Thanks for finding me! — if you're wondering why things in your life are shifting? Why your Body is going through changes or energy or Kundalini rushes? Or why Love runs or eludes you?? Are you going through a Divorce, Move, Job Change, and feel it relates to your Twin Flame?  Your Soul is calling you Home to Love — I have answers!  

By scheduling, payment of fee and completion of reading session services offered by Twin Flames Merge Inc. you have accepted the disclaimer and terms of service as detailed here:

1. You are of legal age of 18 years old or older

2. Any consultation, information and communication with Patricia McNeilly and/or via Twin Flames Merge Inc. are for practical guidance, are without claim of or guarantee of 100% results, and are for educational and fun/adventure/entertainment purposes only.

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