Twin Flame Relationships

Twin Flame Relationships

Hello!   Welcome to my eBook on RELATIONSHIPS,  I will teach you new techniques to gradually improve all the relationships in your life.  I have very important information for families, children, and for people who may be "stuck" in a marriage or relationship for a while for whatever reason. 

Do you need to have peace in your life, for your family and work?

Do you need to stop chasing the shadows and uplevel?

The topics I have in here are:


Opening the New Template for using your Divine Connections to 

  • Improve all your Relationships

  • Transform your Environment

  • Improve the Mind and Mood 

  • Be around Toxic people and thrive

  • Techniques to change the Mind and Mood of those people around you

  • Clear your Sexual and Hara Energies

  • Eye clearing for Emotional and Mental Connections and Memories

  • What is a Karmic versus a Twin Flame?

  • Are you livingwith a Karmic? what to do!

  • Clearing yourself for a Break up or after 

  • Stop the Drama - with your children parents & karmic spouses