Twin Flame 5D Ascension Guide for 2021

Twin Flame 5D Ascension Guide for 2021

Hello!   I created this book to help many people, manifest, make sensible decisions and have an outline for what to expect in the year of 2021.  Please note that this is an E-book (at this time).


Contents of this book include:

- Twin Flame Journey 

- Love is a Decision 

- Budgeting for your Ascension 

- Prayer Wish for your Higher Self 

- The Budget 

- Retrogrades and Lunar - Energy and Reasons 

- Accountability - The Bar is Being Raised on us! 

- January Energies and Objectives 

- February Energies and Objectives 

- March Energies and Objectives 

- Equinox March 20th 2021 

- April Energies and Objective 

- May Energies and Objectives 

- June Energies and Objectives 

- Solstice June 21st 2021 

- July Energies and Objectives 

- August Energies - Objective and Lions Gate 

- September Energies and Equinox 

- October Energies and Objectives 

- November Energies and Objectives 

- December Energies and Objectives 

- Materials, Webinars to help you out 

- Resources to help you save 

- What NOT to do in 2021 


- Thank you!


Please watch for my newest group that I am creating to help you with your Journey!


Thank you for purchasing my book,  I look forward to answering any of your questions or meeting you in my group, or session.

  • Take Time to assess that this is a New Life

    Hi! Thank you for getting my Guide to 2021.  In here is a wonderful way to increase your flow and expect to streamline your finances.

    If you need additional help to align, to "boost your manifestor" and to generally break out of old patterns please consider having my 


    I look forward to helping you to grow, and be free of the Past, be in your New life supported by your 5D connections.

    Warm Regards

    Patricia McNeilly