Lover Within -Twin Within Webinar

Lover Within -Twin Within Webinar

Hello,  Thank you for getting my Webinar to teach you how to open your Initial High Heart Openings and Blueprint. 


To feel your  Soul Match from inside you, to attract them into your life!



  1. Four Part Presentation & Material ($180)
  2. Essential Oil instruction to clear your Subtle Body connections
  3. Three vital Breath Positions to open your channels and Chakras 
  4. My book REAL LOVE  ($25)
  5. A One on One Session ($125)
  6. A Heart DNA Activation ($125)
  7. A Total Value of  $555 = Transformation for  $200  Two Into a Zero Point of a New Beginning


My Material teaches you the science and love that is necessary for a whole new level of Love Experiences.  This is necessary for the initial integration of the New Light Body, and your overlapping subtle body connections to keep you healthy and well.  Not only that, it can help you overcome major illness, minor illnesses are very low and you will feel younger, longer into your life.  This does not give you immortality however does impart a feeling of one to two decades younger than your real age.


Furthermore, if you wish to go further to meet your Other Half, who holds your true soul connections, it will KEEP YOU TOGETHER and experience Lovemaking like never before.


The Entirety of you, and your other half will be discarding conections to people places and things of the past at an alarming rate and this is important information.


Please see me at to get any further information or contact me at


Warm Regards Patricia McNeilly

Love, Ascension and New Earth Guide (5D)

A Blue Ray Twin Flame Rod and Staff Union.

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    Material is in unlisted youtube links enabling you to view ata any time.