Divine Lovers Cosmic Body Reconnection

Divine Lovers Cosmic Body Reconnection

Hello!  You will LOVE my webinar regarding yourself as a Divine Lover at the cosmic level.  I include a One on One coaching and several exercises to clear the old 5D level out in 5 distinct Video Tutorials.  If you are a "long timer" or need to UpLevel and get your Ascension to upgrade, this is extremely helpful!

Video Tutorials are:

  • Lovers Clearing of “Old Homes”
  • High Heart to Soul Star Adjustment
  • Clearing Relations to Cosmic Timelines
  • Release & Clearing for Cosmic Travel
  • Includes a One on One Coaching session:  
  • Includes information about
  • Being Stuck in 3D Mental Sexual *The Completion of the 

         Cosmic level Grid - by the Advanced Illumined Souls

  • Everything has cleared, - Re-write of the Cosmic Story & 


  • YOUR TWIN, YOUR MIRROR  & Continuation of the Body 

  • needing to  pull up the Twin & 

         sometimes up sometimes down

  • Twin Flames-the Ones who continue will be needing the FOCUS of UNION versus individuation

  • Your Twin is STILL inside you regardless of where they will ever be in the Universe

  • You have everything sufficiently equalized and balanced & pulled out for aligning and PHYSICALLY coming together

  • There are never any mistakes being made when you feel to take action

  • You have YOURSELF & Your UNION, and that’s all you EVER will have, and your LOVE to create from & with.


Let Patricia know if you have questions at:  twinflamesmerge@gmail.com