Do you have Concerns about:

Would I be "Interfering" in my Twin's Life/Relationship/Free Will ...?

Cultural, Ethnic, Religious, Personality Differences and Money?

Being together and living together?   How you fit your Families Together?

Children, in or near your Union and the Biological Parent?

FEARS:   as in  "This is it, it's really happening...OMG!!"  or "What if I screw it UP!?!?"

This is the NEWEST INFORMATION for your UNION especially if you are a BLUE RAY or a FIRST WAVE Couple.  This is offered to TEACH you about your Highest Experiences and as to WHY your Feet,Eyes,Ears, and Heart are in such Pain and why this is so confusing!

Blue Infusion TM  Coach & Discussion  Topics include:

Relationship Dynamics, Retrogrades and Lunar Energy etc. - Live Online Interactive & Meditative Intuitive Coaching to get Twin Flames On Track!

Limited to 10 People per Coaching Segment

"Your Psyche - Part 4"

Saturday 12/16 @11am CST (part 4)

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© 2017 Twin Flames Merge

© 2017 Twin Flames Merge