Twin Flame Cosmic Chakras Class

Blue Infusion Live!


Your Cosmic Light Body - frequently referred to as your Aura, Mudras  or Etheric Part  is now the area of you needing Reconnection, Alignment, Healing,   It is the part of you that you've been aware of in your Dreams or while Flying in your Dreams!

The Cosmic Connections when overextended frequently can result in sensations of Lymph issues, Nerve Issues,  or Visceral Pain, and Perceived "Mental Emotional" Distortions

Blue Infusion is a combination of Energetic and Physical Movements to assist the Chakras and Subtle bodies to be felt, self healed and adjusted. Enveloping YOURSELF with the Love you are which is not only Protective  it Heals and Regenerates through Merging and Elevating Out. I am a Deliverer of the NEW 5D TEMPLATE OF NEW RELATIONSHIP and I Instruct in the care and Healing of your Light Body which will continue to Open and Expand.   

 I include Reconnection Bodywork, Essential Oil application & Guided Visualization.

$200.00   for Weekend Workshop

Presented by Twin Flames Merge

Patricia McNeilly 

Blue Ray Twin Flame, Instructor and Healer

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