Welcome! you are in the right place to help you be in Love, which is much deeper than you may realize.

We are in a time like no other, with more people awakening every day

Are you new to this? whatever you may have seen "out there" especially if its been negative, you may have been seeing the wrong information...many people have not been through the full ascension cycle, nor documented their entire Ascension cycle as I have.  My work is renowned for helping people in the highest and fastest way possible!

All sessions are

LGBTQ+ Asexual

& Diversity Friendly

online sessions
 Are you new to Twin flame ascension? 

TF Spirit Chat™ - Ready to get Deeper with your Love Life?!

My TF Spirit Chat ™ Session offers you a new perspective!  I am well versed in the levels of how people seek or find love.  This session will help you do both with sensible guidance and answers.  Are you breaking patterns, concluding a relationship or marriage?  Find out how to move into a new level and a new confidence on your Love Journey. A great session to help you, with discernment and find out more about who you are.  This session will open your Initial (Higher) Heart Chakra Connections.  You will feel more energetic afterward.  Though this is not an "energy healing" per se, this session will help you boost your higher vibration. Topics can be: Divorce, breakups, Moves, jobs, people, relationships, ascending children etc.

(No Refunds)

online intermediate sessions

(next level + integration) 

Spirit Subtle Body Session $180

Many people attribute this ascension to other things such as solar flares, random energies, retrograde energies, the Schumann resonance chart.....it is quite simpler than that...The PULLING away of the old structure and your own Love Energy entering this Level pushes you!

In order to rise above it, you need to Integrate your own new Light Body Template!


Do you watch videos and people "report"  all types of downloads "for the collective"....well why are you waiting!  Open those upgrades and downloads!   You must be proactive!


This is a new Session which is for what is NEW and will heal the EGO DEATH, THE WOUNDS. 


What is a Subtle Body? It's an unseen but tangible part of you, it helps you feel deeply.  Your Spirit Subtle Body is the part that is larger than the Ego Subtle Body so you can easily navigate life!  Feel crazy?  Some people say this journey is "hardcore", or, not for the "faint of heart" (honestly how weak do we "think" we are??),  it's intense...that may be true at times, but you can get through some really heavy things easier using your New Twin Flame Body®  which has your Divine Connections.  Releasing old toxic things from you in days and weeks, not years.  Get your own spiritual gifts and skills opened.  

If you have not addressed your ascension symptoms, addictions, endocrine or reproductive cycle issues, please book this session, for healing, guidance, and enable yourself to enjoy proper self-care, for addiction and recovery which my modality makes shorter and easier*.  

Why compromise what is ultimately important for yourself?  Didn't you just spend time, effort, and money on some type of other 4D thing or possibly an addiction? 

Aren't you worth getting healthy? Time for the Next Level!

You Deserve.


  • Health.

  • Mental balance.

  • Good food.

  • Well being.

  • Safety.

  • Peace.

  • Breath.

  • Love.  

  • See you soon!


Spirit Subtle Body Session - ($180) Open the new Chakras, 5D Template and 5D Love   

(5 Sessions total recommended)

(No Refunds)

Cosmic Heart Reconnection Session

A connection from Soul Level taking you dimensionally to feel the higher part of you and your true love. This helps clear the cosmic past. Have you felt the dimensional aspect of your twin flame?  This Session has aspects of a Past Life Regression but at a Much deeper level. Deep aspects of abandonment, betrayal, grief. If your “manifestor” is broken, you cannot get enthusiastic or unstuck for life.  If you feel that your connection is  lost and you are struggling to regain the feelings, this would be an excellent session for you. (No Refunds)

online deep healing sessions

(next level + integration) 

Past Lives Session

In this session, we will focus on your Past Lives.  Everybody has had more than one life.  This session is a Past Life Regression and Energy Healing.  I work from the 10D level to effect easy healing to your Subtle Bodies, your shared connection with your true Love.  I focus on more than your earthly past lives. Themes from your past come forward to be removed and healed.  Parallel Lives, Cosmic Lives are part of your Multidimensional experience.  I work with those parts of you, that can sense a deep wound, yet traditional methods including psychology do not offer deep healing. You may need more than one Session. (No Refunds)

Psyche Subtle Body Session

Getting well is a choice! Deep Spiritual-Mental-Emotional, or Psychological wounding originates in the Past & in this life - Do you feel or suspect there are deeper issues that are blocking you and/or your true love?  Issues such as Grave Abandonment, Inner child, Deep Grief & Loss, Phobias, Suicidal feelings, Sexual traumas (incest, rape, cults,religions), or injuries (including male and female circumcision, amputations, loss of body parts; miscarriages and abortions. The Psyche Subtle Body is the part of you that you share with each other - it is your Passion.  This can account for much of the deep trauma, for both of you. This session is very high level and should be complementary to your other therapy, medical and psychological care. Deep issues require a series of sessions (3 minimum to effectively begin the removal at the deep Root) and for the opening up and Integration of new connections. If you have Schizophrenia, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Homicidal Thoughts/Psychotic breaks, I cannot work with you until you've been in treatment for six months.  Be Honest with me.  Note: You will experiences purges and feel that you release deep things, it can be uncomfortable but swift, I will guide you and assist you) (No Refunds)

Inner Child Healing Session

In this session we focus upon Childhood, and wounds originating from your childhood.  Everyone is unique and plus you have a connection to your true  Love.  Healing topics can include: abandonment, exploited/trafficked child, abuse, domestic violence, punishments, injuries endured.  Both you and your Twin Flame may have become subjected in your childhood yet we address the issues with just you in the session. May require more than one session. (No Refunds)

Twin Flame and Ascension Coaching

With Dr. Walaa Almutawaa - Twin Flame Body Practitioner

"My name is Walaa Almutawaa. I reside in Montreal and I'm a  Twin Flame Body®  Practitioner with a PhD in Microbiology. Please use this session to help you develop yourself, get deep, and increase your high Vibration.  I will help you to get true Soul Guided Coaching in order to resolve issues, get Real Life on track with practical guidance, and coaching.  Please advise me also if you have a particular question about your life, that will open the High Heart for answers and guidance."   - Dr. Walaa


45 Minutes (No Refunds)

Ascension means more people will be awakening!



Lover Within

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

The Sensual Lover

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Sleep & lucid dreaming webinars

Twin Flame Ascension Sleep & Love - Full Package

*Intermediate Level

Sleeping in your new light body. Total Package: Includes Twin Flame Ascension Coaching, the book, Ascension Sleep & Love, and demo videos to guide you. 

Twin Flame Ascension Sleep & Love - Mini Package

*Intermediate Level

Sleeping in your new light body. Mini Package: Includes the book, Ascension Sleep & Love, plus demo videos to guide you.

5D Healing Practitioner course

Twin Flame Body® Practitioner Certification Course

What does a Twin Flame Body Practitioner do?  Help people with their ANGELIC side

What will I learn!?   How to help anyone with their Ascension!


  • This is entirely NEW because the structure of the light body is NEW,  there are new chakras and connections for True Lovers, plus detaching old patterns and connections!

  • Learn how to feel TWO ENERGIES of people who have become awakened, not in an abstract manner, but in a Body and Chakra manner

  • Become a True 5D Healer!!

  • Learn the Energy work (It is different from reiki)

  • Metabolic issues, Reproductive assistance

  • Addictions; Sobriety and Wellness

  • Learn how to help people and groups maintain a Multidimensional state of being

  • Learn to help people detox their Family patterns

  • Learn how to help people break old Relationship Patterns and behaviors

  • Helping people maintain their new Chakras and Light Body

  • Learn how to help people to eat to maintain the optimal health and well being

  • Learn how to help people deepen their Love and feel The Etheric Touch of 5D Love (and feel love again)

Discover your Potential to Heal and Help others for the NEW LEVEL!

Presented in 5 modules (4-5 months) 

My Unique Program has a "Learn and Earn" potential I offer by Module 4

Includes payment plan and one on one Coaching