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The Most compelling thing in my Life!


 Twin Flame Ascension
Is Your Soul's Priority

Since childhood, and especially since I was 17 of the loveliest level of being kissed, in a dream state of someone who loved me, who was into me....and still I could feel it was more than a "dream" it became the driving force to locate this person, as I knew they had to exist even before I knew words of "twin flame" or "soul mate"!!!

 Twin Flame Reconnection®

twin flame body®  Practitioner


Nimra is a TF Body® Practitioner, to help you clear, release and Heal. Specializing in female areas, relationships, false twins, and health & wellness issues

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Twin Flame Reconnection® uses your Twin Flame Body® opens you using Twin Flame Breath® for their Blossoming Human-Angelic Nature, 5D body connections and Marma Points  (their shared chakras) & clearing the past!

We also  work with professionals who "help people" - we help with what lies beyond the scope of Medicine, Psychology, Chronic conditions, Neurosis, Psyche Trauma, Suicidal feelings addictions and much more!

Subtle Body Connections & Your Twin Flame Body®

Your Subtle Body Connections ($25)

Hello! The first book in my Twin Flame Bod series. This book will introduce people to the real feel and information behind "twin flames" and what this is all about.  I address your shared connections through your subtle bodies. I provide initial techniques in this book.  Though you may "mentally" or logically know that you have an Etheric Connection, it can be hard to FEEL it. Get started today! 

classes & webinars

  • stop Being an empath!

  • break ups, drama& healing

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Expansion of LOve
Erasing the Past!  

Welcome to my webinar which is very good for helping you to 

1. Expand your Light Body from Inside out ( includes primers & activation)

2. Real Expansion to begin releasing deep tensions with guidance

3. Addressing the real reasons you must "let go" of the Past


Ascension Coaching session,

Video Tutorials which are Primers for your foundation:

3 specific Channel opening Twin Flame Breath® exercises ( specific for your light body) its not yoga or tantric its NEW

Video Tutorials to Move Energies within and your Solar Plexus

Your organs hold a lot of emotion and ancestral issues.  Learn how to get rid of this, easily and safely through your own body! Natural movements and suggestions are made throughout.

Man with Tattoo

Break free of the shackles of past childhoods: enslaved, indentured / child labor.  Religions, cults, fertility rites, ritual circumcision, molestation, neglect, parental abandonment, child sacrifice.  All these may hinder those areas of you devoted to being a healthy, loving person, or your other half.  Get started today.  Three sessions recommended with instructions and recording. 

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SPIRIT Integration

Doing the "work" means opening your NEW LIGHT BODY - the Twin Flame Body

You must be proactively receive these 5D Activations.


supported by your own higher 5D connections. 

  • Heal the EGO DEATH, & your initial wounds to love (rejection, abandonment, being left etc).

  • Boost your connection from 5D to 6D this is for Lucid Dreaming to guide and soothe you

  • Reintegration of primal & important Ego and Astral Bodies and vital connections

  • Releasing old toxic things/persons from you in days and weeks, not years.

  • Ease and Comfort of: Anxiety & depressive conditions; some related chronic medical conditions; emotional body illness ( mental-emotional/ bipolar/ manic depressive/addictions/anger issues; melancholia)  

Many people attribute their ascension to other things such as solar flares, random universal energies, retrograde energies, the Schumann is quite simpler than involves The PULLING away of the old foundations within you, plus your own Love Energy pushing you out of old levels to a new one.

In order to deal with this, you must Integrate your own new Light Body Blueprint!

Use your New Twin Flame Body®  which has your Divine 5D Connections.   Get your own spiritual gifts and skills opened- Your SUPER POWERS!!

If you have not addressed your ascension symptoms, addictions, endocrine or reproductive cycle issues, please book this session, for healing, & guidance.

Several Sessions are required I recommend you have one per month for 8 months

(so about every 3 weeks up to 8 recommended)

Why compromise what is ultimately important for yourself?  . This session prevents the prolonged symptoms and delayed progress.  You will feel very empowered and SPIRITED again!

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Image by Jimmy Dean

Everybody has a Love Story, sometimes you forgot!!  lets get you unlocked and open your own Treasures! Men Women, older, younger, Moms, Dads, divorced, married, single, questioning, lost.

You will be found!

My Love mission is to help you manifest through your New Twin Flame Body and Template of 5D Romance & Relationship.

Time to manifest all your Dreams?

have you had an awakening?
Recalibrate & Integrate yourself & ascend
distinguish between types of soul mates
Make new Relationships
get Twin flame Guidance 

Happy Couple

Master Twin Flame Body & twin flame reconnection modality® 
I am Patricia McNeilly, Director of Development Twin Flame Reconnection® for Ascension & Creator of the Twin Flame Body® method of Integrative Healing. Prototype and Develop the methods, protocols and Modality for ease in Ascension, and integration of the Larger 5D Subtle Body connections.  I am a Healer of the Deep Psyche Issues.  I want people to know there are answers for their chronic illnesses.

I am the Master Healer, and Teacher of 5-8 Dimensional Connections to keep you brand new, healthy and spirited while coming into 5D Love

True Intimacy. Love is the new normal.

Patricia McNeilly
Internationally Recognized Ascension Expert, Twin Flame Reconnection® Modality , and Twin Flame Body
® (New Light Body) & Soul Mate Expert for Life & Health, Energy Healer
& Ascension  Coach
for Your Love Life. How does a former AVP Mortgage Banker & Body Shop owner become a top level healer? Through the TOUGH Journey!
I have truly completed the Ascension Cycles (9) and am here to help make this easy for you. Both of you!


This 5D Chakra (& shared connections) Session will focus upon Blocked, SHARED connections with you and your True Love. It will assist other relationships with Families, Children, Ex Spouses, or soon to be ex's.  This is online, or in my studio or I will travel to you, locally for a small fee.  This includes a 6D lucid connection & activation ( in 3 days later when you follow the instructions)


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Beautiful Women

Is it possible to only get your period only 4 Times per year?? Yes with your New Twin Flame Body!
Women's Body Issues in Ascension

The JUMP START your Body Solution!

In my 3 part webinar, you will learn why so many women, including yourself are experiencing strange menstrual cycles. This is a part of the upcoming changes and yet can be improved so you do not have major pain or discomfort. There is a new level to help women ENJOY LOVE, Lovemaking and childbirth. It is time, if you have oddly spaced out menstrual cycles to get yourself this helpful webinar. 
I include a one on one Coaching session to pinpoint specifics for you.
I cover what supplements, herbs and ancestral issues you may be healing!  Only you can integrate the New BLueprint for these cycles even if you are menopause.  ($180)

5D Energy Balancing and Coaching- Live in Person


Energy Healing!  Get Relaxed and Guided in a new way.  My Energy Balancing modality is my own trademarked modality to help you on multiple levels and chakras.  Meet at my studio on the northwest side of Chicago by appointment. ($180)



real love

  • Finding Real Love - Using New Foundations & New Chakras

  • A new way to attract a real partner 

  • Transform your “Emotional Body”

  • Dating Mistakes & say no to

  •  "Friends with Benefits" 

  • Using Tools/exercises/ Oils

  • New Love Connections 

  • Dreaming of "The Lover"

lover within© The "twin within"

To feel your Soul Match from inside you, to attract them into your life!  Click button to read more!   

divine lovers cosmic body reconnection 

To feel and learn your Light Body for 5D connections  

Click button to read more!   

want REAL LOVE? 

A true soul connection?

WHAT IS A SOUL MATE ?  This is a person from the same Group of Souls with whom you have incarnated (born) for the purpose of experiencing.  You may experience interactions with many Soul Mates. 98% of people have met "only a soul mate" in a past are now  making your way home to your True Love."

patricia mcneilly

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 You have a Love Story & Journey! Ascension & sensations are huge part of your

Success and Health!

Almost everyone, will meet someone who somehow "feels familiar" yet how to tell if they are "friend or foe", Lover or "enemy"?  Do you want to know how to get through that? Try my basics within my books to help you get started.  See my specialty Webinars which include a Coaching Session.

By creating prompts through your body, through your actions. This is an important, first step in your Awakening Process. You may be aware of certain things so far, but Internally, you are creating more and necessary wake ups on the inside.

  • Remove the Inner Turmoil and Bring balance

  • Use your New Body Connections instead of psychology or the mind


Time to begin 



If you Feel its Time,  why not get some guidance and clarity on what what you have been expecting.  We are here to assist with sensible guidance.   Getting clear so that you can make the best decisions is truly empowering.

Exercising at Home